ICS Syllabus

The ICS syllabus for its Professional Qualifying Examinations (PQE) is designed to examine students on a wide range of commercial shipping activity.
Compulsory Papers - Group 1
These papers are compulsory because they represent the fundamental underpinnings of all activity within the commercial shipping industry. Shipping Business must be taken within your first year of study:
Introduction to Shipping
Legal Principles in Shipping Business
Economics of Sea Transport & International Trade
Shipping Business (compulsory in first year)
Optional Papers - Group 2
Optional papers cover a wide range of practical shipping disciplines in considerable detail:
Dry Cargo Chartering
Ship Operations & Management
Ship Sale & Purchase
Tanker Chartering
Liner Trades
Port Agency
Logistics & Multi-modal Transport
Port & Terminal Management
Offshore Support Industry
Optional Papers - Group 3
Shipping Law
Marine Insurance
Shipping Finance